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Hollywood Entertainment Production Inc; aims to produce, finance and distribute films each year with budgets ranging from 2 million to 50 million dollars. With a robust film library and an aggressive television production arm, HEP is a full-media production powerhouse covering film, television and digital content satisfying the needs of licensors throughout the globe. In the past few years, Hollywood Entertainment Production Inc. has emerged as one of the industry’s most prolific financing, production, sales, and distribution company with the capacity to develop, package, finance, produce and sell a broad array of films for worldwide distribution.

Since the period of revolution that saw an end to monopolistic tendencies of big industry, such as MPPC by Thomas Edison through his Motion Picture Patent Company (MPPC) in 1915, the business of independent movie making and distribution has earned a significant breakthrough. The revolution began when some producers and filmmakers took decision to pitch their tents ‘in Hollywood Village’ away from East Coast where Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company was sniffing lives out of any newly created movie industries through his claim to sole ownership rights to Movie making and distribution, until 1915, when the legal hammer finally landed on his claim and his reign of monopoly brought to an abrupt end. This development constituted a significant breakthrough and afford the gifted movie makers ‘who have scripts that are good enough to make outstanding movie, but are constrained by war-chest required to bankroll the movie production and distribution process’ the golden opportunity to consult the independent movie industry giant like HollywoodEP media production powerhouse who has become an high profile financier, producer and distributor of independent movie with over forty years experience in motion picture Industry.

HollywoodEP’s record-breaking achievement in micro-budget movie financing and production has really spread its client base across the United States and its distribution network on the global scale.

As a Film Production and Distribution Company based in Hollywood, our objectives are to develop and distribute high budget as well as low budget independent films worldwide. We are dedicated to the promotion of independent films from all over the world. Our area of expertise include but not limited to the development and distribution of African, Asian, European and Caribbean independent films.

A lot of no name talent who came out of nowhere and shot themselves into stardom today will not write a complete success story without giving a credit to HollywoodEP- That is what we do! And that is who we are!!-shooting stars. At HollywoodEP, we have team of digital media professionals who are extremely creative, disciplined, focused, diligent and above all driven by passion for success. We have the capacity to work long hour with maximum efficiency, especially when we have a deadline to meet. We leave the further story to those who are privileged to have worked with us at one time or the other to share.

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